When was the last time you took a sip of water? (And, no, coffee does not count!)

In the winter, when all we want is warm almond milk lattes that dehydrate the skin and a hot and hearty meal over a salad, we actually need more water.

That’s right—just because coffee is made with water doesn’t mean it’s hydrating. The caffeine basically cancels out the hydrating factor.

As for vegetables, most contain a lot of water, like cucumbers and celery!

So, if you’re drinking soda and eating buttered pasta, you’re not just filling your body with sugar and empty carbs, but you’re actually depriving it of what your organs are quietly craving. WATER! And when you feel your mouth and skin getting dry, that’s a loud shout out for some good ol’ H2O.

But, let’s face it. It’s hard to drink the amount of water recommended throughout the course of a day.

Whereas men are recommended to consume up to 13 cups, women are to consume up to 9 cups.

And, it’s tricky.

The amount you sweat, what you eat, and even the weather factors into hydration.

But, it doesn’t have to be hard!

Experiment by adding some berries, cucumber, or mint to the water and allow it to soak over night (you can really add just about anything to it). In the morning, you’ll feel like you’ve just gotten your drinking water from a celeb day spa!

Also, make the actual process of drinking water fun with a cute water bottle that makes you (or someone else) smile every time you take a swig. 

Glass bottles are best because the chemicals in the plastic can leak into your water and contaminate it. And, who wants to be drinking toxins?

Also, in contrast to common belief, they’re super sturdy and can be dropped without breaking.

So, if you’re the person who always has their hands full with the iPhone, coffee, to-go scone, purse, packed lunch…you get the idea, these glass water bottles are must-haves! Drop it all you want; the only way that water is getting out is by drinking it!

Here are our favorites @ Zen&Zip...

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